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About Cloud Mining

The clips and materials disclosed in Tokyo Sessions on 6th June are available now.
Please utilize them as the tools to further your understanding of Cloud Mining.

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Our Offer

  • Mining facilities with proven performance
    We will rent out mining machines operated in our proven mining facilities. No need to worry about loud noises, excessive heat and a hassle of setting up your own mining machines.
  • 25 PH/s Hash Power
    The lead time to set up 25 PH/s mining facility is usually few months. You can start mining with us instantly upon approval of your contract.
  • Instant switch from BTC to BCH mining
    You can switch from BTC mining to BCH mining at any time because we give you the flexibility to choose your preferred mining pool.

Why choose Cloud Mining Cloud Mining offers an easy way to start mining instantly without a hassle. You can greatly reduce the costs, risks and trouble that comes up when you try to mine cryptocurrencies yourself.

  • Low Electricity Rates
    Our datacenters are located in the Nordics where electricity rates are very low and 100% green.
  • Cooling Cost
    Our datacenters are located in the Nordics where cooling is not an issue throughout the year.
  • Instant Launch
    No need to wait for your hardware to be delivered. We are renting out our hardware that are already up and running in our facilities.
  • No Loud Noises
    Hardware is located in a secure remote locations. No need to worry about loud noises.
  • Security
    Hardware is monitored 24/7 by onsite security guards as well as through remote security system.
  • Stability
    Miners are in stable operations within our dedicated datacenters. We provide 24/7 security and exchange of defective miners free of charge.

Start mining with Cloud Mining today

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