Application for the service and information session starts on March 1st


Launch Date Planned to be launched in August of 2018
Our Offer We will be renting out part of our mining facilities full of mining machines equipped with our original next generation 7nm mining chips
Facility rental fee 5M USD (approx. 550M JPY) per rental contract (One time upfront payment for 2 years rental contract)
Operation fee TBD
* We will take into account the power cost, land cost, maintenance cost, security cost, etc...
Term of Contract 2 years (no cancellation policy)
Currencies (TBD) Cryptocurrencies mined on SHA256 algorithm (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash)
  • We plan on accepting up to 8 contracts per month.
  • We will start accepting applications starting 3/1/2018.
Information sessions Information sessions are planned to be held in 9 cities in the world
  • More information coming soon...


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* Application for the information session will start on 3/1/2018.

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